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Shade's Story
She panted and ran as fast as she could, hearing the dogs bark. She looked to her mate and said: "I cannot stay here much longer, for soon I will fall of exhaustion and our kits will die." Her mate looked horrified. They soon came to a small cave and ran inside. "I will not let you die," said the tom. He ran out blindly and led two dogs and a wolf hybrid out into the forest. The dogs snapped at him and soon he fell, dead. The queen was very tired but she knew that if she gave up hope, her unborn kits would die.
A few days later, the queen gave birth to four kittens. Two died and the third froze to death. The queen cried and cried but protected her kit, who looked just like her father. She was pitch black with stunning blue eyes. She had wasn't long haied like her father, and not short haired like her mother, but was medium haired. The queen, named Seria, named the kit Shade, after her dead father - Shadowfur. Seria moved from the cave to another one, which was very well hidden. She hun
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Running in the Meadow by MyCrazyIdeas Running in the Meadow :iconmycrazyideas:MyCrazyIdeas 0 4 For Cloud Nine by MyCrazyIdeas For Cloud Nine :iconmycrazyideas:MyCrazyIdeas 0 0 Happy Halloween 2011 by MyCrazyIdeas Happy Halloween 2011 :iconmycrazyideas:MyCrazyIdeas 0 0
Stella's Info
Name: Stella
Gender: Female
Species: Arctic Fox x Wolf x Cat
Looks: White fur, black hair, bright blue eyes (red sometimes)
Age: 16-17
Born: Antarctica
Powers: Can carve almost anything out of ice and can become almost demon at will
Bio: Stella was born in Antarctica and her mother, Daru (dar-oo), was mean and all she cared about was power. She taught Stella her ways and Stella ended up killing her more peaceful father. She does have a sister named Ice, who was always peaceful. Stella gave up her evil ways and went to search for friends. She found Molly and hangs around with her most times. When she's pissed, her eyes turn red. Hardly a change, but her speed, agility, and strength go up very much. She has some dark secrets and if you can weasel them out of her, you might just be one of the most clever ones out there.
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'The Dim World' - Chapter 1
Chapter One
Alright. As I said before, my name is Angel, formerly known as number 639. Let me explain it better: many kids and most adults hid from Them. Some travel in groups and some travel alone. I travel with two others- Kira is an 11 year old girl that's about 4 ft. tall with short black hair. Jordan is a 14 year old who is about 4 ft. 8 in. and has dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights. There's also me. I have ... blonde hair that's sort of scruffy with brown highlights. All of us have dark brown eyes. There's your description. We travel where the grass is long so that we can be concealed. I don't know. You may wonder how I know so much. How? Well I was almost shattered. A few years of judo and a few more of some mixed martial arts insured that I won. Back then, the Capitals were just starting out and had many glitches so some of the lucky ones escaped. Which puts us in danger. They hunt you down if you're an escapee, and since I'm traveling with my group- we call
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'The Dim World' - Intro
Hey. My name is Angel, but most of my friends call me Angie, Ange, etc. I used to be normal; I lived a normal life, had normal friends. That all changed when I was five.
I can't remember it all, but I've been told things. When I was five, in the year 2077, I heard on the radio that president Reynald was murdered. My parents seemed freaked out but I disregarded them. Soon, some jerks from the government took over and announced that humans should not try to hide. I swear they were martians because the messages? They were in our heads. Soon my parents were taken away and so was I. We were dragged away towards a castle-like building with barbed wire fences. I remember Mom and Dad being pulled away from me and... I don't feel like going on... But since I was five (I'm thirteen now,) the world has changed. The R
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Layout For HorseLand by MyCrazyIdeas Layout For HorseLand :iconmycrazyideas:MyCrazyIdeas 0 0
The Answer
Today I stepped outside in the blazing heat and I wondered, why does it get hot, cold, or perfect?
Today I ate a horrible dinner and I wondered, why is food good or bad?
Today I went upstairs and prayed and learned that the answer to mu questions was
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Butterfly Horse by MyCrazyIdeas Butterfly Horse :iconmycrazyideas:MyCrazyIdeas 0 7


Mature content
The Other Side---Part 1 :iconxxtailo-lives-onxx:xXTailo-Lives-OnXx 35 23
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Okay, someone hacked my account because I literally haven't been on in like a month. So any drawings or J. entries are FALSE! Switching to another account soon.


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Does photo manips good.
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